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Provision, testing and certification of access and safety systems. Zarafa offer a full installation and testing service to ensure operatives carry out maintenance, window cleaning and refurbishment work safely.

Fall Protection

Zarafa provide fall protection and height safety solutions across the UK. Our services cover new installation and the ongoing inspection and certification using locally based trained engineers.

Our services incorporate all relevant British Standards and regulations where applicable, including  BS 7883, EN795,  BS EN 365, Working at Height Regulations (2005), Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

Our one stop shop service covers equipment including;

  • Safety Lines / Horizontal and Vertical Wire systems
  • Eyebolt Anchors
  • Handrails & Collective Protection
  • Ladders, Ladder Ties and Step systems
  • Walkways and Skylight covers
  • Mobile Man Anchors
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Abseil equipment

See below for further information on common height safety equipment that we work with.

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Our experienced installation teams offer a complete range of products and systems to meet your needs for providing safety at height.

We work closely with our customers to provide a solution to their height safety requirements, using high quality products from a selection of leading manufacturers.

Contact us on 01476 330029 or email on for further information.

Zarafa_Fall Protection_old PPM00001.jpgOur engineers and technicians are trained to carry out inspection, test and certification services. This covers a whole range of height safety products.

Contact us on 01476 330029 or email on for further information.

We can arrange repair services for any fall protection equipment.

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Training is essential to ensure the equipment is used safely and efficiently. Zarafa's in house training team provide a range of training courses to equip operatives to work safely. Operatives will receive certification confirming they are qualified to use the equipment in line with the appropriate Health and Safety legislation. 

Training courses include site specific user demonstrations, PPE user training and Planning and Supervising Work at Height.

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Contact us on 01476 330029 or email on for further information.


Horizontal & Vertical Wire Systems

Where it is not possible to eliminate the risk of falling, a suitable fall protection system to minimise the consequences of a fall should be employed. Used in various applications, horizontally for all types of roof structures, vertically to new and existing ladders or overhead for more industrial settings. At Zarafa we can install bespoke solutions tailored to your fall protection requirements and offer full service from conception, through installation to ongoing maintenance and compliance testing.

Eyebolt Anchors

Individual anchor points are used in conjunction with suitable PPE and depending upon the application there are several eyebolt solutions from basic attachment points in a number of finishes to removable eyebolts for high end properties with caps that can be coloured to compliment the décor of the room. As part of the maintenance regime under the relevant British Standards, Zarafa will ensure these eyebolts are kept in full working order and provide detailed certification for individual assets.

Collective Protection

Where regular planned maintenance is carried out collective protection provides the best solution for protecting workers at height. Zarafa can offer a range of collective protection which includes freestanding or fixed guardrails which can be straight, curved or folding along with handrail solutions. Here at Zarafa, we can also offer regular ongoing inspections of these items to ensure good working order and compliance as well as repair and replace and damaged parts.

Walkways & Skylight Covers

Walkways provide a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone who needs to access a roof during their work. It provides a clear demarcation route which protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage and uniformly distributes the pedestrian load across its surface. Fragile Skylights can be protected with fall proof covers and in conjunction with levelled walkways and lifelines can form part of overall roof safety compliance. Zarafa can offer several solutions from off the shelf to fully bespoke solutions to ensure a fully safe working area on your building.

Ladders & Step Systems

Zarafa offer a wide range of bespoke solutions for permanent access including a wide range of ladders, staircases, stepped units & fabricated access systems to allow users safe and secure pathways to the place of work. These can be manufactured in aluminium or galvanised mild steel to meet project requirements.

Mobile Man Anchors

Mobile Man Anchors are ideal for situations where occasional roof access is required and offers a non-penetrative, movable solution which can be used on many types of roof finishes up to a maximum pitch of 5 degrees. These can be combined with a cable system to provide a complete safety line or with accessories for use for abseiling. Zarafa can provide a wide range of suitable Mobile Man Anchors and associated kit along with ongoing maintenance and certification.

PPE Supply

Here at Zarafa, we can supply a wide variety of Fall Protection PPE, with tailored solutions for individual buildings all fully compliant. We can offer bespoke training sessions for your operatives in the inspection & use of these lifesaving pieces of equipment, as well as ongoing inspections along with your permanently installed attachment points.

Abseil Equipment

The complexities of the requirements for suitable anchors or rails for the purposes of abseil under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) can be a potentially difficult process for the customer. Let Zarafa handle the installation & ongoing maintenance of these safety critical devices for you. Abseil equipment should be inspected and certified every six months and Zarafa will maintain records of individual inspections and anchors as part of our regime for you the client.

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